Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why use of cell phones are banned in aeroplanes?

Whenever ever we board a flight, we will be given a list of instruction to be followed while we are on the plane. Among the list of instruction, the most important one is the restriction of using cell phones. The air hostess of the plane you are boarding will remind you to switch off your cell phone quite repeatedly. If anyone is found using it, they will politely ask him or her to switch off. Legally, using of cell phones is banned while on board of an airplane by Federal Communication commission In 1991.The ban came in wake of some reports of disturbance of flight communication system by the electromagnetic waves emitted by the cell phones. The electromagnetic waves emitted by the cell phones may interfere with the navigation and communication system resulting in destructive failure. In compliance to the rule of FCC, different commercial planes companies, made different rule about the use of cell phones. Some airlines will ask you to switch of your mobile phone when you go for checking your stuffs and other airlines give instruction to switch off your cell phone only when the plane is in flight. So for the safety of your flight, please switch off your cell phones when you board an airplane.

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